Bosu Pro Balance Trainer w/ instructional

The BOSU Pro Balance Trainer changes up exercise in two ways. You can use it to perform the same exercises so that more muscles are used while you maintain your balance through the moves or you can combine it with the BOSU Powerstax risers to perform elevation training to achieve a new category of training skills.

Using a balance trainer:

  • Challenges everyone from seniors to pro athletes
  • Offers unlimited options for use with plyometrics, agility drills, strength training and more
  • Increases versatility of workouts by using the rounded or flat side

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Product Description

The BOSU ball has a flat and curved side that makes it useful for a wide range of exercise styles. Adding the element of instability brings more muscles into each movement while either increasing or reducing your range of motion by moving the BOSU trainer higher or lower with the risers.


  • Made of commercial grade materials for durability
  • Molded platform provides added strength
  • Non-marking non-skid base is gentle on floors
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